RC-505mkII System Program ( Ver.1.20 )

Please check the version of the system working on your RC-505mkII before downloading the archive file.
  1. Hold down the [ MENU ] button , and push [ POWER ] switch. Then it will turn on.
    The display indicates the current system version.
  2. Press the [ POWER ] switch to turn off the power.

[ Ver.1.20 ] AUG 2022
Additional Functions
  • Expanded Loop Sync Options
    There are now three options to control record/play behavior when Loop Sync is on and another track is playing. These provide added flexibility when using Multi Mode or combinations of tracks assigned to Multi Mode and Single Mode.
    • IMMEDIATE—Record/play operation starts immediately. During recording, the length is set in measure units.
    • MEASURE—Record/play operation starts at the beginning of the next measure. During recording, the length is set in measure units.
    • LOOP LENGTH—Record/play starts at the beginning of a measure within the current loop length. (This was the default behavior prior to Version 1.2.)
  • Expanded Control Functions (CTL FUNC)
    • Additional ALL START/STOP options that immediately start/stop all tracks, overriding START and STOP MODE settings in each track.
    • Additional TRK1-5 PLAY/STOP option that controls only play and stop.
    • Additional ALL CLEAR option assignable to hold.
    • Additional MEMORY INC/DEC and CURRENT TRACK INC/DEC options for controlling increment and decrement with push and hold operations of a single footswitch.
  • Expanded Slicer Effect Parameters
    • Compressor function added to Pattern Slicer and Step Slicer effects.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a freeze and/or system error message when connected via MIDI.
  • Fixed an issue where the INTRO REC function might not work correctly when using certain rhythm patterns.
[ Ver.1.12 ] APR 2022
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a noise issue that could occur when the Rec Quantize function was turned off.
  • Fixed an issue with setting the Carrier function for the Vocoder effect (Input FX).
  • Fixed an issue with setting the Shift function for the Beat Shift effect (Track FX).
  • Fixed an issue where the Input FX/Track FX type might not be displayed correctly on the play screen.
[ Ver.1.10 ] MAR 2022
Additional Functions
  • Expanded Effects—Effect algorithms and parameters from legacy RC products have been added to a number of effect types, allowing users to reproduce favorite settings from previous units. This includes changes to Ring Mod, Slow Gear, Transpose, Pitch Bend, Octave, Roll, and other effects.
  • Step Rate—A Step Rate parameter has been added to the Filter, Phaser, Flanger, Isolator, and Auto Pan effects, making it easier to create interesting rhythmic effects.
  • Mic Level Quick Control—In addition to other input and output levels, the microphone level can now be adjusted while performing using a panel knob assignment.
  • Vocoder Enhancement—A Carrier Thru function has been added to the Vocoder effect, allowing users to mute the dry sound for increased clarity.
  • Input Thru—An assignable Input Thru function has been added to quickly mute or unmute the input signal while performing. 
Bug Fixes
  • Auto Rec response and function improvements.
  • Fixed a noise issue that could occur when Rec Quantize was turned off.
  • Fixed Sync Setting issues that could cause audio stretching and glitching problems regardless of the setting.
  • Fixed audio record/playback problems that could occur when using rhythm intros.
  • Fixed a problem where control function (CTL FUNC) assignments might not work correctly when the system preference was set to Memory.   
  • Expanded the sensitivity range of the noise suppressors on the input channels.
  • Fixed an issue where the track playback volume could vary when the stop mode was set to Fade Out.
  • Fixed issues that would cause a system error message to be displayed.
[ Ver.1.04 ] NOV 2021
Bug Fixes
The following bugs have been fixed.
  • Noise is sometimes recorded in overdubbing during reverse playback.
  • Some parameters sometimes fail to function correctly.
  • Some effects sometimes fail to synchronize with loops or tempos.

  • RC-505mkII
  • USB cable
    * The update is carried out with the unit and the computer connected via USB.
    * Provide a cable suitable for connection to the computer you're using.
  • Computer (Windows or Mac) equipped with a USB port compliant with USB 2.0 or USB 3.0.

  • Never apply this update data to any product other than the RC-505mkII. This update data may destroy the data or system program of other products.
  • Never power-off your RC-505mkII while the update is in progress!
    If a power failure or similar accident occurs during the update process, the RC-505mkII won't be able to start up in normal operating mode. This will require servicing, so you will need to contact Roland service center near you if this occurs.
  • We regret that we are unable to answer questions regarding the update procedure using this system program. Please perform the update responsibly, following the directions given in this document.

Please open/extract the downloaded "" file on your computer to get the "rc505mk2_sys_v120" folder.
Please make sure you have unzipped the downloaded update file.

  • You must not rename the extracted file.
  • Never turn off the RC-505mkII's power while the update is in progress. Otherwise the system program or the RC-505mkII itself may be destroyed.
Please install the extracted system program file into your RC-505mkII according to the following procedure.
  1. Hold down the [ EXIT ] button, and push [ POWER ] switch. Then it will turn on.
    After a short interval, the message "PREPARING..." appears on the display.
  2. Connect the computer by a USB cable.
    Once connected, the message "CONNECTED." appears on the display.
    A "RC-505MK2" icon (drive) appears on the computer.
  3. Open the "RC-505MK2" icon.
    Copy (drag and drop) all the files included in the "rc505mk2_sys_v120" folder into the "RC-505MK2" icon.
  4. After the copy is complete, eject the "RC-505mkII" icon(drive) from the computer.
    [ With Windows computer ]
    Right-click on the "RC-505MK2" icon in My Computer (or the "Removable Disk (*:)" icon) and execute "Eject."
    [ With Mac computer ]
    Drag the "RC-505MK2" icon to the Trush icon in the Dock.
    The message "UPDATE ?" appears on the display.
  5. Press [ENTER] to execute the update.
    The message "WRITING..." appears on the display.
  6. When the update is complete, the message "COMPLETE" appears on the display.
    Then push [ POWER ] switch to turn off the power.


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